Computer Universe offers a comprehensive range of IT support services, So when looking for IT support be sure to know that your needs are covered.

Are your Computing systems giving you hassles?

All those system failures, failed back-ups, connectivity problems, printer jams? Well look no further!
Computer Universe understands the frustration of IT problems. We have guaranteed response times, whether is at the office, at home, or you bring the machine to us. We ensure that you have piece of mind, knowing your problems are being attended to, and will be resolved.


Computer Universe also specialises in the rental of computer and presentation equipment. Providing the short and long term rental of a wide range of the highest quality equipment, We are experienced in the supply of equipment to both the individual, SME and corporate client.

Depending on your need for IT and AV equipment you have the option to rent for varying periods of time. Our rates differ according to the period you wish to rent for, with daily, weekly and monthly rates. In addition, we offer 100% tax deductible long term finance rentals which is perfect for clients preferring to OPEX their IT expenses. Computer equipment becomes obsolete within a short period of time, so to CAPEX that expense is not always ideal.

Computing as a Service

Why not consider paying for all your computing needs as a service?
Computer Universe can provide clients all the hardware and software needs as a service. Included in this service is a full Service Level Support Agreement to maintain all the equipment and support your computer users on a daily basis.
Under this service, equipment is upgraded to the latest tech every 3 to 5 years, depending on the client’s requirements.
The additional bonus of this service is that clients benefit from a fully tax deductible operational expense.

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Warranty Upgrades

  • Allows you to vary the response time and level of service of your initial base warranty.
  • Can only be purchased before base warranty expires.
  • Coverage duration starts from the system’s base warranty start date

Hardware Upgrades

Replacing a product with a newer version of the same product, in order to bring the system up to date or to improve its characteristics.

Office Supplies

Schools aren’t the only places where stationary is used. We’re surrounded by stationery in our daily lives. Whether it be in your work space or your home, you will find papers and pens everywhere, and some professions make use of them every single day. There are cases in which day to day office proceedings become impossible or unthinkable without stationery.

Believe it or not, something as simple as stationery is of utmost importance!

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